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As the theme of "EdTech × Innovation"
"Make a new market" "Change a market significantly"
We develop startups which make a difference

"Viling Venture Partners" is a seed-stage venture capital focused exclusively on EdTech.

To create a company that cause innovation in education, we offer incubation office space, Seed Accelerator Program, and investment for a variety of independent companies ranging from seed level to early level. Viling Group has a foundation which tries to create schools for next generation of children, such as K-12. Goal of Viling Group is to develop innovators to rebuild the next generation of education.

We support leaders who make difference in education with our three distinctive characteristics. ① Specializing in education area ② Trying to administer school with own foundation ③ Investing in startups without maturity date

Eduvation Accelerator Program

The goal of this program is to seed innovative ideas among every person with a passion to make a difference in the education field. For a 3-month period, the accepted startups are paired with mentors and receive free office space. On the last day of the program we organize a Demo Day, at which startups get an opportunity to pitch to global investors.

※ We also provide a program to support exploring more bigger change in long term span.

Education innovator supporters program

To provide access to the resources for every person with a passion for education all over the world, we create a global network of mentors, partners and founders.

This program is designed to support much broader range of issues and purposes including school education, EdTech. education of sport, programming, and so on. Teachers, students, entrepreneurs, workers, programmers, designers, and any other persons with an interest in education are welcome to gather and work with us to help change education.

Startup Supporter System < for large enterprises >

This system is a part of the attempt to connect the large companies and startup in the education area, will be the system for the long-term support for Startup companies to change education regardless of the size of the startups. While startups can access resources of large companies, large enterprises can benefit from this program in creating new businesses, development of talents, collection of updated information, and advertisement.

Please check the details on the "PROGRAM >> Startup Supporter System" in the upper right corner if you are interested.

What's New


No1. Arcterus Co., Ltd.

Arcterus leverages Big Data technology, social network, theory and expertise of Adaptive Learning to provide services which focus more on individual learners. (Japan)

▶Arcterus won the e-Learning Awards2014 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (Service: Clear)

Refer:『This Japanese entrepreneur left his wife and kids for 18 months in order to create a new education service』

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No2. Quick Language Learning Inc. Ltd.

Q.L.L. (Quick Language Learning) Inc. Ltd. is a company specialized in developing digital language learning contents and apps, we are based in Taiwan and registered in HK.

Refer:『Kids get a head start with Quick Language Learning』

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NO3. Deview Communications, Inc.

Deview Communications creates platform in which students and schools can communicate directly, and schools can search and recruit prospective students. Currently, this service has many users including prestigious schools, students, and their parents. (Japan)

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NO4. CodersTrust

CodersTrust provides microfinance for underprivileged talents to upgrade their coding skills, so they can earn more money on freelance portals.(Denmark)

Refer:『Bangladesh, New York pursue different paths to train more coders』

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SiGHTViSiT provide online cramming school for qualification.(Japan)

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SENSEi PLACE is online matching platform for students and teachers.(Japan)

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No7. Edut

Edut is CMS specialized Education.(Japan)

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No8. DVERSE Inc.

DVERSE will make an innovation by next generation 3DVR Content. DVERSE provide immersive experience platform "DIVE". DIVE is an entertainment & education VR platform powered by 3DCG and motion capture technology.(USA)

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MAISIN&CO. is a SaaS startup from Japan. We are on a mission to reimport open source culture back to the world. (Japan)(Japan)

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No10. Thinkers

THINKERS is next educational platform for teeneger.
GAKKEN Accelerator First Prize(Japan)

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