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    Eduvation Accelerator Program
    As the theme of "Education × Technology × Innovation"
    We develop a startup that makes a new market and
    changes a market significantly in the education field.

Slogan Viling Ventures Eduvation Accelerator Program

 ※Eduvation = Education × Technology × Innovation

The goal of this program is to seed promising startups with passion to make new markets and change markets significantly in the education field. For a 3-month period, the accepted startups are given access to a wide support network for entrepreneurs and paired with mentors with experience and expertise in related fields.

On the last day of the program we organize a Demo Day, at which startups get an opportunity to pitch to angel investors, venture capitals, education companies, and people involved in education. Before the Demo Day, startups may also receive investment offer from Viling Venture Partners.

We support leaders who make difference in education with our three distinctive characteristics. ① Specializing in education area ② Trying to administer school with own foundation ③ Investing in startups without maturity date.

Next application starts in summer 2015
Next program starts from September 2015 to March 2016

Program detail

Specializing in education area

Accelerator program optimized for education field

Financial support

Opportunity to get investment


Mentors with experience and expertise in education related industries and fields


Access to the teachers of public education and other stakeholders

Seminar and networking activity

Events focused on startup and education are held by collaborating with other organizations

Supports by large organizations

Supports and collaborations from education companies and other related large organizations

Support network for entrepreneur

Global network of education organizations, venture capital and any other partners


Support of advance into foreign market

Global network of education organizations, venture capital and any other partners

Program & Network


The 1st program

・Treasure Box(Platform for education of science and mathematics )

・Lesson2u(Platform to support individual lesson)

Travee(global education × travel)

Link World Japan(learning Japanese language in remote place)

StudyPact(Management of study motivation)

Progate(Programming learning service)

Sports Space(Next generation’s sport education)

・Edut(Platform to generate education applications automatically)

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The 2nd program

SENSEi PLACE(Online tutorial lesson service)

MAISIN&CO.(Scaffolding tool for multi-platform)

baton(Learning quiz battle application)

Daraf,Inc.(Curation platform for learning)

Deview Communications, Inc.(Matching platform between schools and students)

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1st program

2nd program